We produce custom, authentic, hand-crafted exotic skin collars to dress up your favorite pet. They are all painstakingly made to order by hand by a true artisan and laid over the finest tanned leather. Our selection of skins and collars have grown and were handpicked by our buying team, who search all year for creative finds from around the world. We also discover unique materials through online submissions from our community of artists and designers. All of our materials are very carefully selected to insure they are the highest quality always.

Why Exotic-Collars? After spending money on those blinged-out collars from China that always looked great for a few weeks, and then fell apart every time making our beautiful Schnauzer looking shabby, I decided to take left over python skin I used for making exotic custom-made fishing rods and I made my first prototype collar. After our little Cleo received tons and tons of compliments on how beautiful the collar looked even a year and a half of wearing it every day, I decided to start making collars for my friends and family members. I’ve been busy every day since then.

Every design we produce incorporates elements of creativity. We look for collars and skins that:

  • Serve a purpose
  • Are unique in color and quality
  • Stun us with their beauty
  • Are very high-grade material